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Enterprise Management is a business management software application with specific approach of business intelligence. It offers a variety of options ranging from the management of: customers, financial operation, supplier or service provider, inventory, billing and ordering, exchange, money transfer / remittance payment, accounting, HR and salary payment.
Developed according to the needs of users, it has features that promote the integral management of broad activities for companies, projects or organizations. It is applicable to almost any organization structure having employees and/or providing services. For example, it can benefit your organization, if you are doing:  commerce, distribution, manufacturing company or you provide services (schools, clinics, factories, micro-credit or banking institutions, money transfer, etc.).  Enterprise Management is an affordable solution with better management features which you can use for your salary payment and/or your financial operations.
The application offers you complete package of management of your company or organization. It can be reconfigured (if required) to fit your specific computing need. The software is composed of:
    • Financial management
    • Customer management (billing, payment, balance, etc.)
    • Supplier management (editing, invoice tracking and settlement, orders, balances)
    • Product/goods inventory management
    • Import / export management, carrier invoices
    • HR or employee management (advance pay, payroll, pay statement)
    • Monitoring (if necessary) of bank accounts;
    • Exchange and money transfer Management,
    • Inventory management (product entry and exit in stores / warehouse)
     • Accounting management (ledger, customer balance, annual balance sheet)
    • Secured management, each user has an account and his defined privileges and records are locked for edits.