Payment/Cashier/Financial Management

To manage the financial aspect, each payment unit (cash register) needs to be populated. To add a payment section unit or cash registers go to the payment menu and click on Add / Edit. Thus one can create for example a Payment unit section in local currency, another in US $ or Euro.

Customer deposit/bill payment
To proceed to the payment of the invoices or for a customer to make a deposit, click on the Menu Payment then on Bill Payment.
Another window appears, scroll with the navigation buttons to select the appropriate box and click on the title bar of the table at the bottom. A window similar to the following appears.

Fill in the various fields including the customer's account to be charged and print the payment receipt. For the cash withdraw, the process is similar of the above.

Bank account management
The Enterprise Management software gives you the option to manage the bank accounts of the company (if necessary, yes of course despite the existence of the Internet or Mobile banking). This will make it easier for you to reconcile and keep track of your account balance. To begin, you must enter the accounts by going to the Tools menu, then Bank.
Once the accounts are created, proceed with the management of the operations and if necessary with the eventual update of the balances. For the update, the option is given to you to take into account payments from remote clients or others charges performed by your bank.

Money Exchange
With Enterprise Management you also have an exchange management option. This facilitates centralized management of almost most aspects of the company business segments. To establish the parity, go to the File Menu and click on Exchange and finally click on Parity. A window similar to this one appears. Once the parity is set, you can use the application to monitor your exchange operations and have a centralized view.

Money transfer
Enterprise Management also offers an opportunity to manage the money transfer service. This option automates the payment of customers and the management of statistics. The list of customers to pay is exported directly to the database. This list must be in Microsoft Excel format. Once the list is loaded we pay by code, the code is already communicated to the customer by the sender. The payment is accompanied by a receipt with a copy for records. The software offers the possibility to pay in either many currencies with a negotiated exchange rate. To retrieve the transfer statistics, simply click on Report in the Transfer Service menu.