Enterprise Management manages customers with a coding that assigns each customer an account at the enterprise level. All transactions performed by the customer are recorded to this account. In general all accounts start with 411 (optional, you can set your own numbering). To add or edit a customer, click the click customer menu, and then click Add/Edit. To add a new customer click on the + button; to go to the next / previous client, click >> / << respectively.

To edit an invoice, click the Customer menu then Billing. The window that appears is as follows:
By clicking on the + sign, the invoice number comes out automatically. After entering all the information, click on the title bar of the below table to enter the details of the invoice.

For each product/goods to include, you must enter its code or select from the list and specify the store in which it is stocked, and then enter the quantity. Finally, click the Add another Product button to add more products to this invoice or click the Validate and Close button to return to the previous window.

When you have finished adding the details, click the Calculate Amount button to totalize the invoice. To print the invoice and the delivery report, click the print button.