HR management or human resources
Whether you are a business or nonprofit organization, Enterprise Management offers you HR management with the culmination of employee management and salaries. For the HR management you need to enter the basic data by going to the File menu then Employee. You can Add / Edit your employees, their salary information. And an option is given to pay salary and provide the payslip.

Basic salary and advance pay
To proceed with the payment of salaries, first enter the basic info of each employee pay allowance to automate the management. Thus the application offers you the possibility to manage the advances on wages. Clicking on Employee account will open another window, then scroll with the navigation buttons to select the appropriate employee and click on the title bar of the table at the bottom. A window similar to the following appears. Fill in the various fields including the customer's account to be debited and this certifies that the advance has been approved. It can be used to withdraw money from the payment unit section. 

Click Pay and a similar window will appear. Enter the department and / or employee number (if you are making the payment for an individual) and click payroll, the payslip will be shown and the payroll list for the requested department.