For installation, please contact us for more information. You can have the application installed locally or the database on the Cloud (that requires additional fees). The advantage is great because you have access to your data wherever you want. And later the application will have its web version. The application trial is possible before payment/purchase. 

Enterprise EM Application purchase
Enterprise Management is available in several versions to cover your needs. The application is also adaptable to both commercial companies and service delivery organizations such as: educational institutions, health institutions, NGOs, etc.

01. Stock/inventory Management
02. Sales management without customer and Inventory 
03. Financial management/cashier/payment function, sales and Inventory 
04. Cashier/payment function, customer, sales and Inventory
05. Cashier/payment function, vendor management, customer and Inventory
06. HR Management (Employee and Payroll), Cashier/payment function
07. HR Management, Cashier operation, Vendor or Supplier, Customer and Inventory 
08. Money transfer/remittance management
09. Currency exchange management
10. Transfer and Currency Exchange Management
11. Cash, Exchange and Transfer management
12. HR management, Transfer, Currency exchange, Cashier/payment function, Vendor/supplier, Customer and Inventory
13. Accounting Management Only
14. Cashier/payment/financial Management Only
15. HR Management, Accounting, Transfer, Currency Exchange, Cashier/payment function, Vendor, Customer and Inventory
16. BI Management, HR, Accounting, Transfer, Currency exchange, Cashier/payment function, Vendor/Supplier, Customer and Inventory

17. Cloud Option, database on the cloud
20. Full version with source code.

The price is also defined according to the number of users.