Inventory/Stock management
To centralize the stock/inventory management, all product information must be entered into the database. Click on File menu->Product, and then Add / Edit. On the window that appears, fill in each product. And also define for each product, the minimum quantity for the stock reminder and security level.

Note that each product is associated with a supplier, unit purchase prices are optional. Preferably fill in the reminder and security stock fields. The product image/picture can be added, making Enterprise Management more dynamic and innovative. The window looks like the above:

For the management of the stock/inventory, we first enter in the database the different stores (or point of sale or warehouses) by going to the Store menu and finally click on Add / Change.

Once the stores/warehouses are created and the products codified, all you have to do is enter the stock. This is done by clicking this time on the Resupply sub-menu of the store menu. Click on the Add to Stock button to enter the products at the different stores already created.

With Enterprise Management, you have a real-time management of your inventory/ stock, the different quantities are updated automatically and in each connection, the software displays your stock status, and this is one of the BI aspects (Business Intelligence) from EM (Enterprise Management). It reminds you among other things the products you may order. And also at any time you can find out your stock level by going to the stock level sub-menu.